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We offer talks and workshops for students and lecturers at Stockholm University. We can give general talks on academic writing and study skills, and talks and seminars that are tailored to specific courses and integrated with regular instruction. We even offer workshops for lecturers who would like to work collegially to develop their teaching of academic writing and study skills. 


Lecturer teaching at whiteboard. Photographer: Niklas Björling

Photographer: Niklas Björling

The Academic Writing Service and Studie- och språkverkstaden have developed a number of general lectures on study skills and academic writing, based on research and best practice. We are happy to give presentations on orientations days, in the lead-up to assessments or for thesis writing. These are the words of a study and career counsellor from the Department of Mathematics and Science Education after one of our lectures on study skills:

I am very satisfied and it sounded like the students who were present were also very satisfied. I will organise a repeat of this talk in the autumn.


We welcome collaborations with lecturers who would like to integrate teaching on academic writing and study skills into their regular teaching. For these collaborations, we familiarise ourselves with your course material and assessment tasks, discuss the greatest challenges for your students, and then tailor our teaching to the students’ needs. In the case of more extensive collaborations, we can visit your students a number of times during the semester or offer workshops for smaller groups of students at a time. Helena Bani Shoraka, lecturer at the Department of Swedish and Multilingualism, stated the following:

An ambitious collaboration with Studie- och språkverkstaden has made it possible for more students to pass the course.


You can also invite us to organise workshops on academic writing and study skills for your lecturers. In these workshops we present the tools we use in our meetings with students and then discuss how you can best work with academic writing and study skills in your teaching context. We received the following comment from a lecturer at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics after a workshop on academic writing:

The workshop met all of our expectations and gave us a lot. An eye-opener.


Our services are completely free for both students and university departments. In order to integrate effectively with your teaching program and in order for us to maintain high standards, we request that you contact us two to three months in advance of any planned talk or seminar dates. You are also welcome to contact us with last minute booking requests, however. We try to accommodate all requests for collaboration. You can book our services by filling in the form below:

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