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Better pollination produces firmer apples that better withstand storage

Good pollination of apple flowers can extend the time apples can be stored without rotting. Apple harvests are also bigger, producing firmer and tastier apples.

Ilona Riipinen. Photo: Niklas Björling

ERC Consolidator Grant to Ilona Riipinen

Professor Ilona Riipinen has been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant for studying the interactions between aerosol particles and clouds in the atmosphere.

Uno Fors

New networks in digital human science

Does digital human science exist? If so what is it? The question was the basis for the assignment that Uno Fors began in 2016. Now he knows, and sees a future for this field of research.


Four Wallenberg Academy Fellows

The Wallenberg Academy fellowships make it possible for four researchers to study the atmosphere of the oldest stars in the Milky Way, energy conversions in cells, the role of group theory in geometry as well as the long-term effects of unconditional cash transfer.

What can I study?

Know what you want to study?

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