Chair amulet pendant from the Eketorp hoard(1.9x1.6 cm). Photograph:Per Torgén, Örebro County Museum
Chair amulet pendant from the Eketorp hoard in Närke (1.9x1.6 cm). Photograph: Per Torgén, Örebro County Museum. License CC BY-NC.

The province of Närke has produced some of Sweden’s most spectacular Viking-Age treasures, in particular the sites in Eketorp and Sandtorp. Other hoards exemplify different aspects through their composition, such as one from Råsta which only contains a selection of jewellery. In general, the finds from Närke contain a remarkably high proportion of Islamic coins. Altogether, the finds from this province provide a concentrated foundation for analysing the variation within the category “hoard” and how coins and other artefacts have moved from their area of origin.

The main purpose of the project is to interpret and contextualise the finds and their contents, and their role in their contemporary society. One further purpose is to collaborate around these issues with the County Museum, the County Administrative Board and the public.

The project runs 2018–2019 and is funded by the Allan Wetterholm Foundation. The project group consists of Nanouschka M. Burström (PI), Stockholm University, and dr Florent Audy, the Swedish National Historical Museums, in collaboration with Örebro County Museum