The Swedish Pompeii Project started in 2000 as a fieldwork project initiated at the Swedish Institute in Rome. The aim was to record and analyse an entire Pompeian city-block, Insula V 1. In the recording process large quantities of data and photographs have been amassed and this is the forum we have chosen to share the collected information with those interested in the details of Pompeian houses. The presentation of each room with all its features constitutes a major part of this research platform, under the heading Documentation of Insula V 1.

Between 2004-2010 Stockholm University was co-administrator of the project as well as the main host for its research. Concurrently the study was enriched with two further branches, aiming at a wider contextualisation of the Pompeian evidence. Pompeii recycled is the title used to shelter research on Pompeian legacy in Sweden, whereas the City Gate Seminar has the ambition to discuss the validity of historical analogies as guidance for interpretation of everyday realities in Antiquity. For more information: Pompeii Project