The four-year PhD program consists of three years of dissertation work and one year of course work. Each PhD candidate is assigned two supervisors.

To be considered for the PhD program applicants need to meet the general entry requirements and the specific entry requirements determined by the faculty board. Applicants also need to possess such skills as are judged necessary to successfully complete the program. (Compare SFS 2006: 1053, HF 7, kap 35 §).

General entry requirements are met by an advanced degree, or by completion of 240 university credits, of which at least 60 has to be at advanced level, or by the equivalent qualifications acquired in Sweden or abroad. Under special circumstances the faculty board may allow exemptions from the general entry requirements. (Compare SFS 2006: 1053, HF 7, kap 39 §).

The specific entry requirement for the PhD program in history is the successful completion of an honors project in history, or in another subject if relevant (i.e. dealing with a historical topic). Applicants with degrees awarded prior to July 1, 2007 have to have successfully completed a D-level research paper.

To be considered for the program applicants must be proficient in English. Applicants whose first language is not Swedish have the opportunity to take courses in Swedish.

Entry requirements can also be met by those who have acquired equivalent qualifications in Sweden or abroad.


For information, please contact the Director of studies at the PhD level: Johnny Wijk,

The Stockholm-Uppsala Graduate School in History

In 2008 the history departments at Stockholm and Uppsala University began to cooperate in graduate education. The departments offer joint courses, graduate conferences and seminars. They also share responsibility for supervision. Starting in autumn 2010, the two departments accept candidates through a joint application procedure.

The following courses are offered in the joint course offering:

Introduction to graduate studies, 4.5 credits.
A general introduction to graduate studies offered annually and taught jointly by the history departments at Stockholm and Uppsala.

Application of theory in historical research, 7.5 credits.
Trains PhD-candidates in the uses of theory in historical research. Taught jointly by several universities and colleges, this course is offered every autumn term as a distance learning course with a residential school. The residential school may be located outside Stockholm and Uppsala.

Historical theory and historiography, 7.5 credits.
Designed to provide deeper insight into the empirical and theoretical development of the discipline of history from the nineteenth century to present times, this course is offered every spring term by the History Department at Uppsala University.

Methods in historical studies, 7.5 credits.
Introduction to qualitative and quantitative methods. The course should be taken early in the graduate program. It is offered every autumn term by the History Department at Stockholm University.

Further inquiries about the graduate school should be addressed to Johnny Wijk, Director of Graduate Studies, Stockholm ( or to Maria Ågren, Director of Graduate Studies, Uppsala (

Vacancies and application

Vacancies in the Stockholm-Uppsala Graduate School in History are advertised on the web pages of the respective history departments and universities (; Normally, vacancies are advertised in mid September with an application deadline of October 15. Applicants are notified in December and successful applicants are admitted to the program in the spring term the following year. The starting date is negotiable and at the discretion of the Head of Department.

Applicants to Stockholm must use the webb form of Stockholms University.

  1. A Curriculum Vitae.
  2. A degree certificate, LADOK-transcripts or equivalent demonstrating the fulfillment of entry requirements and documenting the academic qualifications of the applicant.
  3. An honors thesis
  4. A masters dissertation or equivalent advanced level research paper
  5. When applicable, one academic publication
  6. A six-page research plan
  7. A statement of the actual study time required to complete the enclosed honors thesis and masters dissertation or equivalent advanced level research paper (#3 and #4 above).
  8. Unless clearly demonstrated in the enclosed documents, proof of adequate language proficiency in Swedish, Danish or Norwegian, and English (see above).

The research plan should state the research question or questions addressed by the proposed project and provide a brief account of how the research will be conducted. The plan is evaluated with special reference to its

  • Significance
  • Originality
  • Feasibility, i.e. the likelihood that the project will be successfully concluded in four years of full-time study.

The applicant shall be the sole author of the research plan.

Admission to the graduate program and awards of financial support are competitive. Applications are considered by a joint Stockholm-Uppsala admission board. Decisions about admissions and financial support are made by the department board at each university.