The field of urban history covers most aspects of urbanisation and urban life from medieval times up to today. In our research we have mainly emphasised four areas:

  • The process of urbanisation throughout the ages
  • The history of Stockholm
  • Local governance and economy
  • Urban social life

A fifth area has been Urban environmental history, which has got increased attention during last years, and a post doc position has for example been established.

A comparative method and an interdisciplinary approach have been practiced for many years.

Disciplines such as geography, sociology and political sciences among others have contributed with theoretical and methodological inspiration. Comparisons are done at various levels: local, regional, national as well as international.

Urban history at Stockholm University has its institutional base at The Institute of Urban History. The Institute was founded already in 1919 by the Confederation for Swedish Towns, and is the oldest centre in Europe of its kind still in operation. Today we find three partners behind the Institute: Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting (The Swedish Assocation of Local Authorities and Regions), Stockholms universitet (Stockholm University), and Stockholms stad (The City of Stockholm). Besides the chair in Urban History, a chair in the History of Stockholm was set up in 2003.

The Institute of Urban History