The PhD Symposium is a one-day symposium hosted and organised by the PhD Student Council at the Department of English, held semiannually, in January and June. The purpose of the PhD Symposium is to provide a forum for PhD students and recent postdocs to discuss their projects, or parts of their projects, and to receive feedback in a critical and supportive peer environment. Presenting at the Symposium is obligatory for PhD students from the Department of English. It is not necessary to have any completed research in order to present at this Symposium.
·      Recent research findings;
·      Discussion of a problem or a dilemma encountered in the research process;
·      Report on coursework and how it feeds into the thesis work.
·      PhD students
·      recent postdocs
·      Academic staff and PhD students in the Department of English
·      Academic staff and PhD students from other departments/universities
Symposium structure
Every presenter will also be a peer-discussant in another presentation. Prior to the Symposium, the participants should write a 300-600-word abstract about their presentation, which will be made available at least one week before the Symposium. Additional material (e.g. a draft chapter or article) should be sent to the peer-respondent.
Each participant will be allocated 30 minutes as follows:
·      presentation (15 min)
·      response by the peer-respondent (5-10 min)
·      audience questions and comments (5 min)