In many of our courses, a significant part of your grade will be earned via essay assignments. If you copy any part of your essay from other sources (for example books, articles, other essays or from Internet sources), without citing them properly, you will be guilty of ‘plagiarism’. In simple terms, plagiarism means stealing someone else’s intellectual work. Since words and ideas are the normal substance of intellectual trade, plagiarism hits at the very heart of academic institutions such as universities. It is a serious offence and will always be reported to the Stockholm University Disciplinary board. If you are suspected of this offence, you will be asked to explain yourself to this disciplinary board and, if found guilty, you may face suspension from your studies. Therefore, when writing an essay drawn from multiple sources, you must be careful to quote and paraphrase appropriately and fully acknowledge the sources you have used.

Information about plagiarism, and how to use and cite sources correctly, can be found on all Athena sites. More information will also be provided by your teacher at the start of your course. When in doubt, always ask your teacher.