Admission requirements and exemptions

All courses have admission requirements that are stipulated in the course plan. For courses given by the Department of English, an exemption from these requirements may be granted if you have other documented qualifications that can compensate for the requirements you are missing. The department then makes the assessment whether these are sufficient for granting an exemption and for you to be admitted to the course you have applied to.

When you apply for a course, you can be conditionally admitted if you have the possibility to meet the admission requirements before the start of the course. Check your admission statement for the course for information on what is required from you.

Please note that you should not apply for an exemption if you are waiting for credits to be reported for courses that are part of the admission requirements and that you have taken in close conjunction to the course you have applied to. Instead, when the credits have been reported, you are responsible for contacting our Student Affairs Office so that they can assist with registration. Note, however, that the credits have to be available and reported in Ladok before the start of the course.

Application for an exemption from the admission requirements

If you apply for an exemption, we will consider whether you have other qualifications that will allow you to complete the course even though you do not meet the admission requirements (“Högskoleförordningen 7 kap. 3 §). The decision on whether to grant an exemption is taken by the department.

To apply for an exemption you need to fill in our application form (below).

  • The application must be submitted at least three weeks before the start of the course.
  • The completed and signed application should be sent to:

Scanned and sent via email to:, OR

Via mail to: Department of English, attn: Director of Studies (UGA), Stockholm University, 106 91 Stockholm. Mark the envelope: Application for exemption.

NB! If you do not have the possibility to print out and sign the application, you can email the PDF to us unsigned or you can sign it electronically. Send the application from the same email address that you have registered in Ladok.


If our Department gives the course you are interested in and you have questions about the admission requirements or applying for an exemption, please contact our study counsellor.

Information in Swedish

This information is also available in Swedish.